The show is set in an ancient future, where classical Greece is spliced into a cutting-edge ambient metropolis. The Gods are in power, and they dabble in the lives of the mortals via liquid light, a semi-divine fluid which can manifest anything imaginable. 




Echosis begins with an eternal horizon. The God Hermes descends from above the stage into the gradient void, playing a silver harp and singing with a haunted certainty. His narration hints at the tragedy to come (“Hermes Intro”). In His hand, Hermes holds an Amphora. As he finished his opening narration, Hermes pours out liquid light from his Amphora, and the light transforms the gradient void into a lush marsh with a gazing pool at it’s center.

It is here we see Narcissus, and beautiful young man, dualing with some Automatons (“The Dual”). Their battle is fierce but brief, and Narcissus defeating the AI’s with little trouble. He is in training for the upcoming Amphora Cup, and dualing tournament hosted by the Gods of Mt. Olympus. Having completed his training for the day, Narcissus returns to his Megaron. Narcissus begins bathing and grooming himself as he details his modus operandi. (“Secret Reason”). While immersed in his self-care ritual, Narcissus is visited by Echo, a nymphic young woman who is hopelessly in love with him. Narcissus interacts with her dispassionately, while Hermes details their troubled relationship, as well as the unstoppable nature of the human heart (“The Heartbeat Never Stops”).

We then transition into the high chambers of Mt. Olympus, where the Goddesses sit in council. From Prometheus to the present, Hera details the history of Amphora and the liquid light it contains (“Behold Amphora!”). The Goddess Athena leaves Mt. Olympus and joins Narcissus in Amphora in order to advise him for his upcoming dual with Adonis in the Amphora Cup (“Victory is Within”). In spite of the fact that he clearly misunderstands the essence of Athena’s council, Narcissus does indeed upset the reigning champion Adonis and win the tournament. (“The Amphora Cup”). As Narcissus receives his trophy, Hermes gives commentary on his victory (“Hermes Interlude I”).

Returning to his megaron as a champion, Narcissus sits drinking champagne and celebrating. is again visited by Echo. Overwhelmed by her desire, Echo attempts to seduce Narcissus, who cruelly rejects her (“A Ghost Goes”). Lost in sorrow, Echo dances her pain, while Narcissus puts on his goggles and goes back into Amphora. Unable to bear the sight of the girl’s suffering, the Goddess Aphrodite joins Echo and attempts to comfort her (“Echo’s Tesseract”). Hera ends up inviting Echo into Amphora.

Meanwhile, Narcissus’, now drunk, contemplates his own meteoric rise while forcibly entering Mt. Olympus. Lost in delusions of grandeur, Narcissus confronts the Goddess and threatens their lives (“Revenge For Existence”). Aphrodite exposes Narcissus’ descent into ignorance and tries to warn him of the consequences if he continues his spiral inward (“Pay In Blood”). Narcissus blacks out, intoxicated and exhausted.




Act II opens with Aphrodite pouring liquid light on Echo,hanging her form to that of Echosis, a spitting image of Narcissus. Hermes narrates Echo’s transition (“Hermes Interlude II”).

Narcissus awakens from his stupor to find Echosis standing before him. He is awestruck, and approaches his likeness with reverence. Never breaking eye contact, Narcissus and Echosis fall in love in a perfect duet. At the peak of their passion, they reach out to embrace. But, just before they touch, Amphora crashes. Echosis stands frozen while Narcissus panics. Nemesis appears and informs Narcissus that he has been booted from Amphora (“Face Of Love”).

Lost in his isolation, Narcissus reflects on the fragility of his self-love. While wailing, Narcissus shatters his mirror and uses a shard to end his life (“The Mirror Breaks”).

Unfrozen, Echosis is now alone in Amphora. It takes her a moment to realize that Narcissus is dead. Echosis then has her own mirrored moment of anguish. However, Echosis’ will is stronger than that of Narcissus, and her pain becomes the impetus for awakening. With full lucidity, she sets out to recover the soul of Narcissus form the Underworld (“Lamdaath”).

Echosis begins running in a grand downward spiral towards the Underworld. As she descends, she passes the ascending Sisyphus, who is rolling his boulder up the same slope. Upon arriving at the gates of the Underworld, Echosis has a 3 on 1 dual with Cerberus, which she loses after a great struggle. (“The Descent”) Cerberus then brings Echosis to the throne room of Hades and Persephone.

Echosis attempts to negotiate, imploring Hades and Persephone to release the soul of Narcissus. Hades is unmoved, but Persephone softens and convinces Hades to the allow their reunion. Hades agreement comes with a condition; Echosis must stay in the Underworld forever (“So Be It”). Echosis agrees and she is finally reunited with Narcissus. At first the moment seems sublime, but now faced with Narcissus and his possessive arrogance, Echosis realizes her mistake(“Wait Always”). Echosis decides to reveal her identity to Narcissus, who is devastated. Their romance collapses and they stand facing each other, frozen in stasis. Hermes then returns for a final moment of reflection (“Hermes Finale”).